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At WonderPlay, our products are a reflection of our approach to STEM subjects, learning and play. Whether you’re looking for 3D wooden puzzles, educational toys or STEM-Authenticated kits, you’ll find only products of the highest quality here.

We want learning to be fun. And we’re passionate about introducing youngsters to STEM subjects as early as possible. That’s why we carefully select all our products before offering them to our loyal customers.

Children should be rewarded for completing puzzles and problems with a sense of achievement. Our puzzles, educational toys and STEM-certified kits deliver that in abundance.  

3D Wooden Puzzles

All our 3D wooden puzzles have one thing in common — they’re lots of fun. From the moment you open the box and identify all the parts to the moment you finally get the puzzle working, fun and education are guaranteed

Many of the 3D wooden puzzles you’ll find here are based on exceptional feats of human engineering. Science can be fascinating and fun for children — but only if they can touch and experience it for themselves.

Choose from a selection of engineering marvels, including classic steam engines, marble runs, Grand Prix cars, sailing ships, ancient architecture and much, much more. Assembling these machines from scratch and watching them work gives children an insight into how they work in the real world.

Once these puzzles have been built, you and your child can see for yourself how these magnificent machines work. Children in particular learn how things work by building them and watching them work. That’s why these 3D wooden puzzles are so popular among parents and schoolteachers.

There’s a great range of educational play products to choose from right here at WonderPlay.

Educational STEM Kits

Imagine bringing an entire science laboratory into your home. You’d be able to teach your children some of the most important principles of science and engineering.

Carry out a dazzling range of experiments at home or in the classroom. See the magic of science come alive, and allow your children to experience the wonder of STEM experiments for themselves.

Shopping with WonderPlay means you don’t have to imagine. We sell STEM-certified kits that demonstrate some of the most fascinating aspects of science.

Our selection of STEM-certified kits, toys and educational products is expanding all the time. We’re determined to introduce children to the wonder of STEM subjects in a way that’s fun and interactive — so watch this space!

Our kits include instructions, equipment, chemicals and so much more — everything you and your family need to have fun while learning about science.

Coming Soon – Computer Science Products

We want to introduce children to the growing world of computer programming. These skills will be in huge demand in the future, so the earlier we introduce them to children, the greater the chance of inspiring youngsters to pursue a career in coding.

We’ll be introducing a range of coding robots in the coming months, all of which teach children basic coding skills in a fun, interactive way.

What Educational Products Would You Like to See at WonderPlay?

We’re passionate about educational products and how they introduce children to STEM subjects. We want our online store to be your one-stop-shop for 3D puzzles, educational toys, and STEM-certified products. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch. We’ll scour the world for the items you’re looking for.